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IMPerfection ll

"Absorbed in a world so consumed with sheer vanity, there's nothing more refreshing than the work of Ayesha Jones. With a creative expression which breathes authenticity, I'MPerfection ll is a visual exploration of her thoughts and feelings on female identity. After being diagnosed with the condition of Scoliosis, which causes the spine to curve, she used her illness to inspire her creative journey -and deliver an art which is both visually and intellectually fulfilling" -EUPHORIA ONLINE


When the female body become synonymous with sex the human in that body becomes a prisoner. Sex then becomes distorted. It is not something they get to experience as a human being, but something that defines their whole existence.


Imperfection looks at the relationship I have with my body and femininity and how having scoliosis became a catalyst for a huge paradigm shift.


To me, femininity is about being dynamic, hard working, intelligent, brave, humble and nurturing to self and others. It’s about having a goal and making sure you find a way to remain balanced throughout all the struggles you will go through in life.


One day I hope the success of a woman is defined by what she does in the world, rather then how she appears in it.

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