Birmingham University School of Art, Self-Censored // Exposure, 2016

The Edge, Artist On The Edge, 2015

The Drum, Somewhereto_ Exhibit, 2015

Stryx, Contemporary Other Launch, Film Screening, 2015

NEC, The Photograohy Show, Magnum Photos 30 Under 30, 2015

Rivington Place, Our Voices, Film Screening, 2015

Tate Britain, Late at Tate, Visibly Invisible 2014

mac birmingham, Artist Rooms On Tour, Robbert Therrien, 2014

Truman Brewery, Free Range, View, 2012





Dazed and Confused, Online, 2015

North, 2015

Contemporary Other, 2015

The Telegraph, 2015 

Daily Mail, 2014 

Medical Daily, 2014 

Daily Express, 2014 

Euphoria Online, 2014

Back Bone 2013, 2014

Art Licks 2012





Youth of Excellence, Art Award, Nominated, 2015

Magnum Photos 30 under 30, winner, 2015 (and top three in The Peoples Choice)

Open Generation, Our Voices, Best Film Winner, 2015 







Instagram: @Ayesha_Jones


Based in Coventry, UK.




“The success of this body of work derives from the fact that this does not become about self-pitty or an attempt to evoke sympathy. Jones has put herself at the centre of a project that addresses a range of topics relating to imposed ideals, societal roles, personal relationships and autobiography” - Adam Murray, Art Licks


“Absorbed in a world so consumed with sheer vanity, there’s nothing more refreshing then the work of Ayesha Jones. With a creativity that breathes authenticity…. Ayesha uses her illness to inspire her creative journey- and deliver an art which is both visually and intellectually fulfilling.


At the core of her work is the notion of beauty affecting female desire, sexuality and even perceptions of what it means to be a woman. Yet the depth of her art also extends to wider society” - Euphoriaonline.co.uk


“As a woman and mother of two daughters I love Ayesha Jones for showing the world that beauty comes from within. Thank you to this young woman for leading a beautiful life on her own terms. That's exactly the kind of beauty the world needs more of”- Anonymous Comment

"Your story has inspired me to become more than how people look at me. It feels so wonderfull to have someone who is like me to prove the world wrong that beauty comes from within the heart and soul"- Anonymous Comment