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"As above so below, as below so above,
this makes the miracle of unity."
- 13 statements of Tehuti

I have been an astrology lover since I was a teenager. I got serious about learning astrology in 2012, in an attempt to understand my own chart and use it as a tool for self-development.


Astrology has been one of the main tools which has gotten me through life's inevitable challenges. It has helped me not only understand what was taking place in my life (and how long it would be going on for) but also how to actively work on myself in order to manifest the best outcome.


I have since become more and more obsessed with it. in 2019 I decided that I wanted to try and use my obsession to help other people deal with life’s challenges, so, I joined an astrology mentorship programme.


I also took part in an initiation into Kemetic spirituality from 2015 and have continued to deepen my studies and spiritual practices.  

My goal is to use astrology and my understanding of Kemetic spirituality as a catalyst to help people find their own unique purpose/identity so that they can feel more fulfilled and balanced in their life.

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