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This film was created with Counterpoints Arts and Open Generation. It won Best Film in ‘Our Voices’ competition
"Why don't you go back to where you come from!"

‘Where Do You Come From?’ Is a project that has been inspired by my experiences as a young woman born in England to a white father (Welsh heritage) and a black mother (Caribbean heritage).


Being asked to explain where I come from, on a regular basis (due to my brown tones) has lead me to ask that question a bit deeper and attempt to uncover the hidden stories in my own heritage.


Exploring my own family history has shown me how connected we all are to each other. If we go back far enough, we probably all come from the same place, at some point in time! 


‘Where Do You Come From’ is a photo and film project that documents the process of reconnecting to my roots. I take a look back at the routes my ancestors took. I also document my own experiences so that my decedents can appreciate how they came to be (where ever that may be) and understand where they came from too. 


To move in the right direction, you must have an understanding of where you are coming from and where you are going towards.



Since creating this work I moved to Africa, had a child and have now returned to Birmingham. I am working to expand this project further to include the things I found when I returned to the mother land.


"No, where do you ORIGINALLY come from?"
"Oh! So you're from the Caribbean."
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